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Aquarium Kaiyukan

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is the largest public aquarium in the world, and famous for huge whale shark. Aquarium design is very special, you will go through the tunnel-like “watergate” fristly, then you can see the aquarium a total of 8 floors, take the escalator up to the top of the "Japan forest", the visit each area down along the spiral ramps.is a third amusement park with Hollywood films as the theme in the world. Welcome estimated millions of visitors a year.

 Aquarium Kaiyukan

You can see a lot of sea creatures of different waters. Some areas are very big, occupied several floors, the perspective of each floor is also different. Transparent jellyfish area is colorful, small transparent creatures are even-changing.

Aquarium Kaiyukan jellyfish

Feeding penguins is special experience, they are glutton, eat well then directly jump into the water to go swimming, swim well then continue to come up to eat.

The hight light of Aquarium Kaiyukan is the touch area, can closely contact some sea creatures. The Devil Rays skin is slippery, while the small shark skin is very rough. You will feel both terrible and exciting.

Aquarium Kaiyukan touch pool

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