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Gion Yamakasa Festival

From July 1 to July 15 every year, The Fukuoka city will be held a grand "Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival" to welcome the arrival of the summer, and is also the biggest Hakata summer festival. The tradition lasts more than 770 years, also been listed as the Japan's intangible cultural heritage

At the time of Yamakasa Festival, people will hold the worshipping god activities in Kushida Shrine, for thanking the local patron saint.

The Yamakasa Festival are divided into "static" and "dynamic" two parts. Static part is presented by the doll master using three-demension Ukiyo-e Prints to describe the world. So in July in Fukuoka, you can see the public demonstration of luxury "yamakasa" everywhere, make the Fukuoka special.


The Highlight of the Festival is dynamic part---"chasing yakasama", generally start at July 10, lasts for a few days. The men of the seven genres shoulder the weighing 1 ton "yakasama" running on the street in the morning every day, gallop about 5 km in 30 minutes, not only compare with the time taken, but also the beauty of posture. Visitors feel the festive mood while the different genres chasing, definitely great.

chasing yamakasa

The man running hard in the in the morning sun is the symbol of dynamic in summer, when the yakasam festival finished also means the long rainy reason finished, also officially declared the coming of the summer.

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