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Outdoor Activities of Zipline and Hangliding

Korea ZiplineThere are many places in Korea that people can enjoy zipline or paragliding, such as Danyang, Yongin, Chuncheon, Mungyeong, Seorak, etc. So no mater if you take your lovers, family, friends or co-workers, you can take an adventure tour in Korea. Korea is just like a paradise for adventure enthusiast, boasting different kinds of outdoor activities such as Zipline, gliding, ATV, water bicycle, horse riding, rafting, rail bike, four-season-sledding, survival games, etc.

Zip lining is one of the most commonly enjoyed outdoor sports around the world, as it does not need hard training, nor does it require expensive gears. People only need 10 minutes of practice and instruction. Everyone can enjoy zipping with the help of zipping guides. People will experience the excitement of zooming from one side of the wire to the other side through the sky. During the flying, people are required to open their minds and perform missions together with their group members. So it can be a team work.

Korea ParadlidingHangliding requires more on the equipment than zipline. It’s an thrilling sport but it is affected mostly by weather, not like zipline. And another difference with zipline is that paragliding is more suitable for the young people, while zipline is fit for any ages of customers. The two cities close to Chungju can enjoy paragliding are Danyang and Mungyeong. In Danyang, there are two runways of paragliding: Mt. Yangbangsan and Mt. Dusan. While Mungyeong Flying Land is surrounded by Mt. Juheulsan, Mt. Joryeongsan, and Mt. Seongjubong. In both places, people can have a unique and exciting flying experience.

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